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Qupaq sets a wild world record at Interpack 2023

  • Publicado el 30 de Mayo de 2023

Following several months of intensive preparation, the tray denesting specialist, Qupaq, achieved an official world record by denesting 1,094 trays in just 60 seconds at the world's largest packaging fair, Interpack in Düsseldorf. The purpose was to increase focus on innovation in the food industry.

Qupaq sets a wild world record at Interpack 2023

Typically, a tray denester for food packaging runs 50-60 trays per minute. If higher speed is needed, you will expand the production line with an additional tray denester. Therefore, it really caught the attention of the food packaging industry when Qupaq, the market-leading provider of tray denesting solutions, announced that they, at Interpack 2023, would engage in the ultimate stress test of the tool's reliability: Setting an official world record by denesting at least 1,000 trays in just one minute. One tray after another, using only one single tray denesting tool. At Qupaq, they have long believed that they make the fastest denesters in the world. On Friday, 5 May, they made it official by running a total of 1,094 trays in a minute. That is 18,23 trays every second!

”Many people in the food industry know our product brands, Intray and Anytray, and now the definitely also know Qupaq which is the result of a merger between Intech International and Carsoe in 2021. With this achievement, we send the message that we truly are the leaders in denesting innovation”, says marketing manager Jesper Johansen from Qupaq. The purpose of the world record attempt was to raise awareness of innovation in the food industry, which faces the enormous challenge of feeding a growing global population. Here, automation technology will be able to help increase efficiency.

"Who needs 1,000 trays per minute? Currently, no one. Until they do. That is how innovation work: You push the limits, learn, and refine. That is the message we want to promote with this world record attempt. We want to appeal to all tech companies in the food industry to push the limits of what is considered possible in all stages of the value chain," says Jesper Johansen.

Ahead of Interpack 2023, Qupaq went through months of intensive preparation. The world record attempt was carried out by a standard Intray Smart Servo with a Smart Tool installed. Qupaq added additional sensors to the setup, changed the gearing to increase speed and reenforced the Smart Tool to reduce wear. The engineers also innovated the design of the rotating tool that separates the trays to make it even more efficient. The trays used for the attempt were ultra-low stack.

"Denesting more than 1,000 trays flawlessly in just 60 seconds is the ultimate stress test. It pushes our mechanics and software to the limit. Preparing for this attempt, we have learned quite a lot which we and the food industry will benefit from in the future”, says Jesper Johansen.

Qupaq is headquartered in Brønderslev, Denmark, and is the world's leading supplier of tray denesting solutions for the food industry. The company's automatic denesting solutions handle over 10 billion food packaging trays annually in more than 50 markets.

Tray denesting and handling are in our DNA. Formed by the merger of Intech and Carsoe's packaging divisions, Qupaq combines the best of both worlds with a product portfolio that includes the global leader in electrical denesting equipment, Intray, and the global leader of pneumatic denesting equipment, Anytray. We developed and pioneered both denesting technologies and will continue to innovate, service, and lead in both.

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