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Fedrigoni Group introduced Arena at Luxepack

  • Publicado el 08 de Octubre de 2019

The Italian company unveils a lineup of white and ivory uncoated papers and paperboards in four shades, three types of surfaces and a limitless range of weights, with excellent performances both for publishing (text and images, whatever the detail) and for luxury packaging purposes.

White and ivory papers and paperboards in four shades, three types of surfaces and multiple weights: that’s Fedrigoni Arena®, a unique brand for the largest and most systematic range of products Fedrigoni Group has unveiled in the past few years. Arena is the result of a year-long planning effort and committed "green" choices that have leveraged the extensive experience of Fedrigoni Group in the field of uncoated papers, integrating and aggregating the existing portfolio to bring about a true "ecosystem".

Fedrigoni Arena® were the star of the show at the Luxepack of Monaco (30 September - 2 October), the premier international exhibition for creative and luxury packaging. In Monaco Fedrigoni presented together with its division Arconvert producer of pressure sensitive materials for packaging (Hall Verriére, stand VA02) with a stand that put on display the extreme versatility of the new range and the features that make it an ideal support also for creating luxury boxes for premium products, with short grain direction formats for fitting the creases. In fact, we are seeing an increasing demand for natural-looking, yet elegant and high performing papers coming from the luxury market.

Fedrigoni Group introduced Arena at Luxepack

Fedrigoni Arena® uncoated paper sheets are produced in a large variety of weights - from 70 up to 580 g / m2 - and are suitable for printing in traditional and UV offsets, hot foil and blind printing, keeping up with the highest standards. In addition to offering several formats, the brand Arena gives the user the convenience to choose among three different finishes - Smooth, Rough and Bulk - and four shades - Ivory (bright ivory), Natural (bleach-free white) White (warm white) and Extra White (cold white).

"This is like a Swiss army knife for white paper - says Chiara Medioli, Group Marketing Director Fedrigoni SpA, in perfect synthesis - because it makes life easier for our clients: an arena is a place where you can play football, but also hold rock concerts or opera shows. It is democratic, whatever the message it is always adequate”.

All three surfaces of Fedrigoni Arena® preserve the sharpness of characters and images, including art paintings, they adapt to any printing and finishing technique (traditional and UV offset, blind embossing, hot printing, screen printing and letterpress) and meet every binding and papermaking requirement. The macro-porous surface of the paper requires the use of full oxidation drying inks, the dot gain and the print contrast are the highest that can be obtained from uncoated supports. Several short- and long-grain options are available in standard formats and a selection of papers optimized for HP Indigo® presses is offered for digital printing.

During the Fedrigoni Arena® design process, one of the main goals was to create something “new” without upsetting the market; therefore many features of the papers in the Arena range are identical to the features offered by papers already in the Fedrigoni portfolio, so that customers can switch to new the model without changing their print profiles or revolutionizing their processes. Reducing the overall environmental impact was an equally important objective that Fedrigoni achieved through the homogeneity of the Arena range that allows to cut down on scraps generated when moving from one production to another and to limit the use of fresh and waste water, because less machine washing is needed. Finally, Arena Natural is OBA-free, which means it does not use any optical brighteners.

The Fedrigoni Arena® range is produced at three different paper mills owned and operated by Fedrigoni: in the city of Verona, in the town of Varone on Lake Garda and in Fabriano, in the Marche region. Putting together a homogeneous product carrying so many variations and using three different facilities has created quite a few coordination challenges that Fedrigoni has overcome turning this accomplishment into a success story.

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