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Packaging sealing at its best with Selig at Interpack

  • Publicado el 09 de Mayo de 2023

Selig Group is pleased to showcase its new controlled dispensing seal for rigid plastic containers at Interpack 2023. Alongside this customisable solution are Selig’s Ecoflex PP single-material packaging material, the company’s highly versatile foam liner ranges and industry leading OenoSealTM wine bottle seal.

Packaging sealing at its best with Selig at Interpack

Selig’s PortionPeelTM Dispensing Technology is available worldwide and is a custom solution that can be tailored to suit any tablet, liquid, powder, or granule application. It allows for both a hermetic container seal and convenient opening, as well as promoting sustainability and cost savings by eliminating the need for neck fitments and complicated dispensing closures.

As a customised solution, Selig’s PortionPeelTM seals can be designed specifically to suit the container’s contents, offering producers highly managed volume and rate flow restrictions. The seal has also been developed with the end user in mind and comes with a consumer-friendly, easy-peel tab.

Selig’s Ecoflex flexible packaging material is ideal for baby food, confectionery, snacking, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. The product is a PP single-material polypropylene packaging material for recycling (cold seal applications), that is made of recyclable polypropylene and is certified by RecyClass, to achieve Recycled Content Certification. It is proving popular with manufacturers looking to demonstrate their environmentally conscious credentials.

Selig’s foam liners ranges are available as single and multi-layer solutions, depending on the application and its sustainability requirements. Uni-Foam™ (also called CORELENTM) is an excellent solution for general purpose closure lining or wadding for both plastic and Roll on Pilfer Proof (ROPP) metal closures. TRESYLENETM has a polymer film facing on each side, delivering application-specific protection properties. For proven wine sealing technology, Selig’s OenoSealTM specialised liner ensures excellent oxygen barrier performance, no negative impact on wines prone to reductive notes and a reduction and prevention of volatile sulphur compounds (VSCs).

David Griffin, Global VP Sales and Marketing at Selig Group, comments: “There are many demands being placed on producers at present. The ability of induction heat sealing to help deliver lightweighting, product security and many other benefits makes it a well-placed solution for today, as well as tomorrow’s packaging challenges. By adding our new dispensing technology to our existing range of popular sealing solutions, we are pleased to be increasing the options for producers.”

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