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Eaton is to present at BrauBeviale comprehensive filtration solutions for clear, stable and tasty beverages

  • Publicado el 18 de Septiembre de 2023

The Filtration Division of power management company, Eaton, will demonstrate how multiple filtration solutions designed for beverage applications work together for clear, stable and tasty beverages at the BrauBeviale trade show in hall 7, booth 202, November 28th to 30th in Nuremberg, Germany.

Eaton is to present at BrauBeviale comprehensive filtration solutions for clear, stable and tasty beverages

This year's highlight will be Eaton's optimized and expanded range of activated carbon filter media. The upgraded BECO CARBON™ depth filter sheet is available as a flat sheet and BECODISC® BC stacked disc cartridge. It offers notably high absorptive properties that meet the demanding requirements of beverage filtration. With its strong decolorization abilities and adsorptive removal of undesired by-products, along with taste, odor and color correction, it is ideally suited for use in hard seltzer production.

Another central element for efficient filtration of clear, stable and tasty beverages will be the, backflushable, extra-robust BECODISC R+ stacked disc cartridge. Its filter cells are produced using extra-efficient BECOPAD® premium depth filter sheets made of high-purity cellulose and an intermediate multi-layer, honeycombed polyester fabric. This new design provides the stacked disc cartridges with the necessary robustness for a minimum of 20 regeneration cycles and allows them to be flexibly reused.

Eaton will also showcase the recently extended BECO® filter cartridge product line including filter cartridges that are tailored to the specific requirement profiles of beer, mineral water, wine, non-alcoholic beverage and food filtration. Depending on the operator focus - whether it be performance, safety, economy, flexibility or the preservation of individual taste and color - Eaton filtration experts can recommend the perfect combination of pre-filter and membrane filter cartridges for a given application.

In addition, as a one-stop shop of filtration solutions, Eaton is presenting filtration systems and housings for its ranges of filter sheets, stacked disc cartridges, filter cartridges and filter bags. The exhibition program will be rounded off with beverage treatment products for clarification, fining and stabilization as well as filtration products and filter aids for pre-coat to sterile filtration. Each product is geared towards the beverage industry and combined to help produce high-quality beverages that meet taste, color, aroma and shelf-life requirements.

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